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Sunday, October 30, 2011

update of my life in Japan

I had too many email accounts including three hotmail accounts...
I couldn't remember which account I had this blog with for a long time...
But I'm finally here.
My life in Japan is going ok. I'm really happy to be reunited with my sister and family.
I'm sad that I'm losing in touch of friends from the States little by little... :(
That's a part of the reason that I'm back in wring my blog today!
So, I work at International Association. It is under prefectural government which is like state government. I am coordinating some events, exchange programs and also helping immigrants and international students who lives in the prefecture.
The job is mostly administrative and most of the time I'm steerling at computer and having headache lol.
I do miss living in Orlando under sunshine and vacation atmosphere.
The other day, we had a costume day. We all dressed up in clothes from different countries.
Our association lend consumes from over 60 countries.
It was first time for the stuff to be wearing. We had so much fun even tho we were really busy on that day.
I was in Indian Clothes!

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  1. I meant to say staring but doesnt let me change it...